Race Tips for a successful weekend

Get to the track on time so you don't have to rush.

Standard pit safety rules apply here.

Everyone wants to get to the big pot of cash at the end and someone will and that someone will have done a good job of driving and been well organized.

Have the cash in your pocket for your buyback to get them at the time slip booth on the return road as it is important to have them in your hand so you can present them to get back into the staging lanes.

 Don't be late to the staging lanes, being late is just like losing that round, once the rope goes up the lanes are closed.

Make sure you have a battery powered FM radio to tune to track radio to stay abreast of developments.

 After your round get back to your pit space, prep your car for the next round but do not return to the staging lanes until called.

You will be called several times but there will be a final call with a time component then the staging lanes are closed if you are not in you lost that round.

Spare parts this is one race you don't want to have mechanical failure cause you to lose.

Spare parts are good idea, extra starter, belts, push rods, rocker arms, spark plugs, gaskets, oil, universal joints, even a tire repair kit might come in handy.

Across the line burn outs are not disallowed but are often excessive, we are here to race not to impress your mates. Excessive time on the start line eats into our schedule.If your car does not have front brakes you are allowed an across the line burn out but if you have front brakes an across the line burout is excessive.For now it is allowed but if it starts eating too much time that can change.